Hello world! My name is Sheila Star Rose. I am originally from Saginaw, Michigan and moved out to California to attend a music production school called Pyramid. There I learned about the wonders of sound and was immersed into a community of music makers. It was at this time that I started writing and recording my own songs.

The piano is my main instrument along with my voice and I love experimenting with all genres of music. At a very young age I knew that I was put on Earth to make music and I continue to follow this path even when the road presents many hurdles.

For several years I had learning and memory issues along with a very long list of depilating symptoms. I struggled to play my own music and had trouble remembering chords and lyrics. In 2023 I went to my annual eye exam and couldn’t see the first three letters. To everyone’s surprise, I was diagnosed with a massive rare brain cyst. The pressure of the cyst significantly changed my personality and eventually left me in a state of psychosis. In June 2023 I had brain surgery and woke up from it realizing I was gone for the past couple years. I have huge chunks of memory missing from that time. It was similar to the sci-fi movies where the alien takes over a person's brain and they have no control. Luckily, the alien was defeated and I came back.

My new record I am currently recording is a collection of songs before and after my brain surgery. I started writing songs again one week after brain surgery and making music has fast tracked my cognitive skills and has been my therapy as I process it all.

You can stream my past and present music here on my webpage and all major music streaming platforms. New record coming in 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, oh yeah….It’s good to be back ; )