Farewell 2023

Oh 2023…….On one hand you have been the hardest, most brutal year of my life. At times I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the end of you. You broke me down to my absolute core and even then, still dragged me without mercy. I was handed not only a brain tumor but had other life gutting events that shook me to my very core. To sum it up I was forced to face some of my biggest fears in life all in one year and have scars to show both physically and mentally.


On the other hand, this year I was saved by a miracle. I was taught the lesson that when you go through great suffering you are able to tap into a greater joy. I learned how strong I am and never use the phrase “I can’t” because I confidently know I can. I learned there are really wonderful humans that will carry you when you can’t carry yourself. I learned in hardship you have two choices: to quit or move forward and I am not a quitter. I learned that I am a “yoga person” and that I LOVE swimming and in life you need to just close your eyes and jump in, literally. 


I asked last New Year for health and for most of the year I felt like I got the opposite but in hindsight I did get health. The fact my two year health decline and misdiagnosis was finally solved and I got my brain back did put me in a healthier state then when the year started.


This has brought me to the greatest lesson I learned. You have the power to control the positive and negative in life. Outlook is EVERYTHING. You have a choice to see a blessing or a nightmare in everything. Sometimes it takes a while for the blessing to appear but those are the best ones. So I will cheers for 2024 with my glass half full and honor 2023 for the invaluable lessons it has taught me. 

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